The TICIA Group was founded, and managed by Marina Prinsloo, a qualified professional in the field of image, etiquette, presentation and body language coaching. 

Angela Perdichizzi is a powerful business woman who brought many years of marketing, learning  & development and leadership expertise to TICIA and together we are the leaders of the TICIA Group.

Marina Prinsloo
  • Master Image Consultant
  • Body Positivity Activist
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur
  • Mrs Pretoria-Tshwane 2019

  • Phone: 082 888 6675


    Image directly impacts the way that we and the world perceive us.  A clear outer identity that is aligned with our personal qualities and skills will positively effect our interactions with others.

    Self-confidence, personal effectiveness and our ability to deal with change are greatly empowered by the awareness and mastery of personal communication tools.

    Let us use them and make dreams happen. I specialize in image soft skill development for individuals and corporates.


    2020 : Currently studying – Assessors, Moderator &
                 Facilitators courses
    2019  : Events Management – Get Smarter (Online UCT)
    2016  : Nutritionist, Shaw Academy UK
    2015  : Neuro Linguistics Practitioner Coaching
    2011   : Certified Laser Liposuction operator & Trainer,
                 Crystal Medical, UK
    2009 : Image Consulting; Anne Reinten The Australian
                 Image Company, Australia
    2004 : Image & Etiquette Consulting, Retha McPherson
                 Training Academy SA
    2000 : Image & Etiquette Consulting, Dr Joyce Knudsen
                 – USA
    1999  : Modeling & Finishing School Consultancy
                 Management & Training Diploma Lyceum College


    The Image Coach & The Image Consultants
    International Academy Pty Ltd (Head Office SA
    and Franchise branches in Namibia, Botswana,
    Zambia) – CEO, Founder – 2000-to-current

    President, APICSA – Association of Professional
    Image Consultants and Stylists Africa – 2011 to 2014

    Body Confidence International Pty – Managing Director ROLEMODELS FOUNDATION NPO –
    Director – Re-elected 30 November 2014 for 2nd term
    2015 –2020
    15 Sept 2019


    Released May 2016:  Love Your Body, Love Yourself
    Released 2013:  “Image Matters” Co-authored WITH
    Octavia Ephraim, Lynn Baker, etc.


    Association of Professional Image Consultants South Africa – 2007 to August 2020
    Association for Image Consultants International 2007 to 2019
    Federation of Image Professionals International 2015 to 2020.


    Role Models Directors – September 2019
    Role Models Outstanding Title – September 2019 Crowned Mrs Pretoria-Tshwane – 2019
    Mrs Pretoria-Tshwane Finalist – 2018/19
    Standard Bank – Top Women Award nominee – 2017
    Skills Development
    The Best Corporate Image Consultants – 2017 & 2018
    Sub-Saharan Enterprise Awards
    Mrs. United Nations Finalist – 2007
    Mrs. United Nations Continued Community Service Award – 2008 / 2009 / 2011 / 2015

    Angela Perdichizzi

  • Body Positivity Activist
  • Leader
  • Speaker
  • Pageant Queen
  • Learning & Development Specialist
  • Entrepreneur

  • Phone: 0623546115


    Professionally, Angela is the Director of Learning and Development at TICIA Group (Pty) Ltd and Body Confidence International Empowerment Awards (Pty) Ltd Recent professional experience:
  • Head of Leadership Development for a large global
  • Director to a few major Education Consultancies and
  • Leadership Trainer on internationally accredited
         leadership programmes
  • Ms Plus Size South Africa National
  • Chairlady of the CCMG – an Employers Association for
          the Contact Centre Industry

  • Angela has the mission of reaching as many people as possible, with the message that our power lies within, that we are all unique and we all have purpose.

    Through our programmes, Angela offers self development and organizational development interventions for a better world of leaders, entrepreneurs and social investors.  Angela’s ultimate goal is to empower others to live a joyous and meaningful life, in service of society and human development.

    Angela has worked with government funded programs to provide skills and find jobs for disadvantaged people in our communities and provided coaching and learning to leaders on our continent (South Africa, Botswana Kenya, Ghana and Mauritius).

    Angela has been involved in the development of women’s self-esteem and confidence and was the founder of Diva Image Consultants for Plus Size Women and  co-founder of Body Confidence International Empowerment Awards (Pty) Ltd.

    Angela has presented at many conferences and inspired women in South Africa and abroad.


  • Image Consultant Certificate, Internationally      Qualified
  • Training and Development Diploma
  • Public Relations Diploma
  • Beauty Therapy Diploma—Internationally Qualified
  • Various Organizational and Leadership Development      Qualifications
  • Creative Consciousness Certificates
  • Many more qualifications in human development,      business and management


    Association of Professional Image Consultants and Stylists Africa CCMG—Contact Centre Management Group Academy of Excellence.


  • CCMG Employers Association : Chairlady of the
          Training Sector 2018
  • Ms Plus Size South Africa National Winner and also
         Ms Congeniality
  • Ambassador, Body Confidence Award and Peoples
         Choice Award 2016
  • Runner up for BpeSA Best National Skills
          Development Award 2016
  • BPeSA (Business Process enabling South African)
          Best Training Provider Award 2012
  • Chairperson of the Training Committee of BPeSA
         Cape Town 2008
  • BPeSA Best External Training Provider Award 2006
  • Non Executive Committee Member of BPeSA 2006
  • Secretary of the Year Award 2000
  • Best International Young Sicilian Award 2000
  • Employee of the Year Award Telkom 1995
  • suzette
    Suzette Allen
  • Image & Body Coach
  • Ladies Events Co-ordinator



    Suzette is a fun loving  caring lady with  a passion for people and fashion.

    She loves inspiring women of all ages but specialize in the 55+plus category.


    2015:  Image Consulting – The Image Consultants
                International Academy
    2010:  Image Consulting, Colourworks International


    2019-to-date :  Image Consultant and Ladies Events
                                 Co-ordinator – TICIA Group
    2011-2016       :   Mi– Lady  Consulting
    2006-2016     :   Creative Image Art Co-ordiantor
    2005-2010     :   Gariep Kunstefees


    2015-to-current:   Federation of Image Professionals
    2007-to-current:  Association of Professional Image
                                      Consultants South Africa
    2007-to-current:  Association for Image Consultants

    Sponsorships & Collaboration

    We are the proud sponsors of the following brands and individuals:

    Mrs Gauteng 2019- 2021
    Mrs Johannesburg 2019 – 2021
    Mrs Pretoria – Tshwane 2019 – 2021
    Mrs SA Top 25 Finalist 2016
    Hip Hop Artist South Africa

    ATKV Crescendo

    Ms Body Confidence  International  Pageant – Collaboration contract 2016 – 2020
    MUD Professional – Collaboration contract 2017 – 2020 – Marina Prinsloo is also the MUD Brooklyn Brand Ambassador
    Secret Sommelier –  Collaboration contract 2016 – 2020

    Awards Received

    The Best Corporate Image Consultants AFRICA  2017 /2018 – Sub-Saharan Enterprise Awards
    Standard Bank Top Women Award nominee 2017 – Skills Development
    Brand called …YOU!
    Each of us is an individual BRAND!
    Depending on how you package and present this brand to the world will determine how greatly you are able to utilise your power and potential in life.
    Live everyday like its an audition to be the GREATEST”