Some Questions and Answers ...

Q) Can I take classes in person rather than online?
A) Training will only be available online until end December 2020. We will then review the current Covid19
     situation and decide person to person classes.

Q) How long are the Classes?
A) Depending on which training course you take – it can take anything from 2 days to 24 weeks. Online training
     gives you the comfort to studying at your own pace in your own home.

Q) What materials do I need for Class?
A) All manuals and visuals will be given to you on commencement of training. You will need your computer/phone
     and data.

Q) What sort of credentials will I graduate with?
A) When you finish a module you will receive an accredited certificate for that module. On completion of all
     modules and post assignments will you receive your International Recognised Image Consultants Certification
     The certification is recognised internationally.

If you have further questions to ask please do not hesitate in send us an email.