What We Offer

  • Corporate Soft Skill Training
  • Corporate Soft Skill Course Development
  • Personal Soft Skill Development & Training
  • Career & Life Coaching 
  • Public Relations
  • Leadership Development
  • Conferencing & Workshop Events Management in collaboration with Semon Elliott – Purple Room Events Co. & Times Square – Pretoria

Our focus is to empower both woman and men to change or enhance their image, through the following training programmes:

  • Complete makeovers for women and men—personal branding;
  • Colour Coding: Best colours for clothing, accessories, make-up and hair;
  • Style personality: Understand your own personal style;
  • Figure Analysis: Identify the positive and negative aspects of your body;
  • Illusion dressing: Make the most of what you have;
  • Face shape analysis: Determine the hair style, shape of eyewear and jewellery you should wear;
  • Professional Make-up Application: for any special occasion in collaboration with MUD;
  • Fun, educational seminars for women and men: “Style Yourself Confident” and learn all the secrets;
  • Corporate Image: Create a powerful company image and corporate branding for Executives, sales and frontline staff;
  • Business Etiquette: How to conduct yourself in business meetings, interviews, business dining as well as customer service.

Conferencing and Events Management

We present a full turnkey solution to events management, that includes a venue, speakers, program and décor to the specifications of our clients.

We present in collaboration with Women on the Move & Purple Room Events Co. Pretoria;

  • Bi-monthly Business;
  • Breakfast Meetings
  • Empowerment / Inspirational Event

Accommodating between 30 to 50 guests per session with top speakers.